Terms & Conditions
Let me summarize the below for ya ... the copy and content you're investing in is owned by RERAW LLC. You'll be licensing it and you can't give it to your friends, team, colleagues ... or anyone. You can't sell it ... basically, don't take away my opportunity to provide for my family. Simple. With that said, if you commit to going ALL-IN, take the training, implement the strategies, make the effort and you can honestly tell us that the product just sucks and didn't deliver the value you paid for ... gave you no value in knowledge or money ... we'll give you your money back.

"Money Back Guarantee" ... here is goes ... RERAW LLC wants you to feel confident in the products you invest in. If you purchase the RERAW Lead Master Course and upon complete review and implementation of all strategies (you've gotta go "all-in") find that there was not at least $997 USD in total value ... you may request a refund by emailing james@reraw.com. All cases will be reviewed and responded to and final discretion on whether or not a refund is in order shall be at the sole discretion of RERAW LLC. If a customer pre-registers for a product not yet available, refunds will not be considered until after the product is made available to the Customer for consumption. Refunds may not be considered after 30-Days from when the Customer purchases the product or after 30-Days from when the Customer has been provided access to the product from RERAW LLC, whichever is later.

Customer understands that they are not purchasing but rather licensing the products and copy from RERAW LLC. Under no circumstances shall Customer redistribute content (free or paid for) for any gain beyond its original intended use.

Customer understands that if found and proven to be redistributing product or content of any kind without expressed permission in writing from RERAW LLC that any and all guarantees are considered void, Customer will lose any and all access to content purchased, Customer will immediately pay a $50,000 fine to RERAW LLC and will be held liable to the full extend that the law allows.

All disputes will be guided by the laws in the State of California.
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