Affiliate Disclaimer
Hey All!
I think transparency is only fair and appropriate so I'm just telling you right now that I've included some products and links on this site and any other RERAW LLC related sites that I'll earn an affiliate commission for, if you decide to purchase. My goal here is to help educate you and make you a better real estate agent (or player in the real estate industry), but please know that this is not a charity ... I'm running a for-profit business here and and presume you are too ... so just putting this out there.

RERAW is growing fast enough that it's just about impossible for me to go back and list every single product and program that I'm an affiliate for. So, with that in mind, you should assume that any links leading you to a specific product or service is an affiliate link that I'll receive compensation from. However, you should also note that I only promote and support products and services that I believe in, stand behind, use myself and/or feel can actually serve you and your business growth at the highest level. A few examples, by the way, include ClickFunnels, Amazon, HireAiva and LionDesk.

Please also note that I'm not getting any free products or services in exchange for driving traffic to their services. The single consideration is in the form on affiliate commissions.
If you have questions about this affiliate disclaimer, feel free to contact me at any time.
Real Agents Work,
James Hoff
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